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The version number of Gerris is given by the command:

% gerris2D -V


% gerris2D --version

which will return something looking like:

gerris: using 2D libgfs version 1.1.1 (070905-000904)

The library version number is 1.1.1 built from snapshot version 070905-000904. The snapshot version number indicates that the latest darcs patch for this version was merged on the 5th of September 2007 (070905) at 00:09:04 UTC. Using this information it is possible to reconstruct exactly the same version from the public darcs repository at any time later than this date.

The version number of the code used to generate a given simulation file is also stored at the top of the file in a comment line. For example, a simulation file generated using the version above would start with something like:

# Gerris Flow Solver 2D version 1.1.1 (070905-000904)
3 2 GfsSimulation GfsBox GfsGEdge { variables = P,Pmac,U,V,T binary = 1 } {
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