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About me

I'm studying the optimum arrangement of arrays of tidal stream turbines within tidal channels. This requires understanding the channel dynamics and the interaction of wakes from individual turbines. This is work is for my PhD through the University of Otago's Ocean Physics Group and NIWA's Marine Physics Group, supervised by Ross Vennell and Craig Stevens.

I'm using Gerris, to numerically model array layouts within a channel to compare power output from different array arrangements over a tidal cycle. The range of scales from turbine diameter (~20m), up to channel length (kms) and the reversing nature of the flow make excellent use of Gerris' adaptive mesh.

More about me here


University of Otago

Gerris pages I use often



Lunar tides in Cook St

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Divett, T - Optimising design of large tidal energy arrays in channels: layout and turbine tuning for maximum power capture using large eddy simulations with adaptive mesh

PhD thesis, University of Otago, New Zealand , 2014
Bibtex Abstract

Divett, T, Vennell, R, Stevens, C - Channel scale optimisation of large tidal turbine arrays in packed rows using large eddy simulations with adaptive mesh

Proc. 2nd Asian Wave Tidal Energy Conf., Tokyo 2014 , Tokyo

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