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transform is a utility for applying geometric transformations to the input GTS file.

Usage: transform [OPTION] < file.gts

 -r ANGLE  --rx=ANGLE      rotate around x-axis (angle in degrees)
 -m ANGLE  --ry=ANGLE      rotate around y-axis
 -n ANGLE  --rz=ANGLE      rotate around z-axis
 -s FACTOR --scale=FACTOR  scale by FACTOR
 -R FACTOR --sx=FACTOR     scale x-axis by FACTOR
 -M FACTOR --sy=FACTOR     scale y-axis by FACTOR
 -N FACTOR --sz=FACTOR     scale z-axis by FACTOR
 -t V      --tx=V          translate of V along x-axis
 -u V      --ty=V          translate of V along y-axis
 -w V      --tz=V          translate of V along z-axis
 -i        --revert        turn surface inside out
 -o        --normalize     fit the resulting surface in a cube of
                           size 1 centered at the origin
 -v        --verbose       print statistics about the surface
 -h        --help          display this help and exit
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