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Gerris is in active development and releases can happen on a daily basis. The release process is automated and follows these steps:

  1. Any recorded changes from my development darcs repositories is pushed to the gts-devel, gerris-devel and gfsview-devel repositories
  2. If any change was successfully merged into the devel repositories:
    1. Compile the new devel versions
    2. Run the test suite
    3. If all tests pass
      1. Push changes to the public darcs repositories
      2. Create debian, Open SUSE packages and source tarballs
      3. Update the documentation etc...
      4. Push everything to the public web site

A cron job starts this process every hour. The whole process takes about one hour (the test suite being the time-consuming part). The latest gerris, gfsview and GTS versions are indicated on the front page with access to a list of the latest merged patches.

The version number of Gerris keeps track of which exact release is installed on a given system.

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