Optimisation for steady-state flows

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(Initial topic: get rid of advection.)
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Often, you're not particularly interested in how a flow or stream develops over time, but how the constant flow behaves if it exists long enough to have all initial reactions and changes settled. While Gerris isn't optimised for such calculations, a few simplifications and speed-ups exist.

Getting rid of advection calculations

In a mailing list thread people agree, a steady-state solution behaves equally to a pure Stokes flow and advection terms are negligible. You can switch them off:

AdvectionParams { scheme = none }

For an example, see the Couette flow test case. To give evidence, I've run the example from An engineer's pipe flow with the viscosity of water up to time t = 5 with and without advection:

Velocity without advection
Velocity without advection

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