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Daily snapshot builds for openSUSE are available at:

One click install links:

Or you can go to the repositories:

Or search yourself:

Issues related to the installation of Gerris on openSUSE 11.2:

  • The openSuse 11.2 packages are linked to openmpi which is in turn linked to dapl but should be linked to compat-dapl on Linux systems (according to a developers note: "...DAPL is not recommended for Linux systems. It is mainly in the Open MPI code base to support Solaris. ..."). Due to this setup Gerris doesn't work an creates errors related to dapl / IB communication problems. The workaround suggested by the developer: "You should be able to avoid these warnings by editing the Open MPI system-wide run-time parameters file and adding the following: btl = ^udapl This tells Open MPI to load all BTL plugins *except* the "udapl" plugin." doesn't fix the problem.

Note however that this is not an issue with Gerris itself but with the (bad) way openmpi is packaged for openSuse 11.2.

Future Gerris binaries for openSuse 11.2 may use mpich2 instead of openmpi.

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