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Using this ISO image, you can boot a complete Ubuntu system with Gerris pre-installed from a USB memory stick. The distribution also includes various utilities which are useful in association with Gerris: emacs, gnuplot, ffmpeg, meshlab, blender, gmsh etc... The base system is a standard Ubuntu 10.04.2 LTS distribution.

This image is built to work on any 32 or 64 bits Intel-compatible system.

To test it you need:

  1. an Intel-compatible machine (or an Intel-compatible virtual machine)
  2. a USB memory stick with 1Gb or more free space

You then need to download the (large, ~850 Mb) ISO image file. Then follow the standard Ubuntu installation instructions (start from step 2).

When you follow the instructions it is also a good idea to use the "Persistence" option of the installer. This will create a persistent home directory on the USB drive which will hold your data between successive reboots.

Note that running the distribution from the USB stick won't modify the operating system already installed on your machine in any way. If you are happy with the system, you can choose to install it permanently on your hard drive (with the option to share it with the other operating system).


If you know about this sort of things, the MD5 hash of the image file is:


Under linux/unix you can check that your downloaded image has a matching hash using

md5sum ubuntu-gerris-10.04.2-desktop-i386.iso

Note for windows users

For some reason, when following the Ubuntu installation instructions under windows, you may not be able to select the .iso file you downloaded within the file menu of "Universal USB Installer". The workaround is to cut and paste the name of the file from the windows desktop.

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