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Jump to: navigation, search is a website that offers free hosting for Darcs repositories for Open-Source projects. There are many reasons to have your own branch of Gerris on It notably allows you to access your code from any computer that has an Internet connection, have another backup of your code and eventually to distribute it easily.

To create a new patch-tag repository, first, go on the patch-tag website and create an account.

Then, go to the "user profile and ssh keys" section. If you want to be able to push your darcs patches to your patch-tag repository, you need to add your public ssh key to the list of authorized keys. You can find your public ssh key on your own computer, in the file that is in the .ssh directory of your home directory. If you don't have one, you can generate one using the command line ssh-keygen. When you have generated your key, open the file using a text editor and copy the content on the website (be careful not to add any newline character), then press the "add ssh key" button and that should be done.

Now you need to create a new repository. For that go to the "view repositories" section and fill up the "Create new repo:" form. Your new repository should appear at the top of the page in the "Repos started:" section.

If you go to the page dedicated to your new repository, you will see a set of instruction explaining how to interact with your patch-tag repository.

For a start, you probably want to push an existing repository to your new patch-tag repository. For that, on your computer, go into the repository you want to push to patch-tag and do

darcs push

Now your patch-tag repository is synchronized with the darcs repository on your computer and you can start using it.

You can keep developing Gerris on your computer and record any changes you want as patches using the "darcs record" command. Then, to save or distribute your branch of the code, you can push those new patches to your patch-tag repository using

darcs push

If you move to a different computer, you can download your code from the patch-tag repository. You can get the whole repository using

darcs get

or just the new patches using

darcs pull

If you do some development from that other computer, you can also record them as patches using "darcs record" and push your new patches to your patch-tag repository. Don't forget that you will need to authorize the public key of that other computer before being able to push patches.

The patch-tag web page of your repository also allows you to browse your code from your Internet browser and look at the patch history of your code.

It is a good idea to keep your repositories synchronized with Stephane's stable branch of Gerris. To do that download the latest patches from the gerris-stable repository regularly and fix conflicts if there are any. To do this just use:

cd name-of-your-new-repository
darcs pull
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