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If you have created a new test case, you can add it to the Gerris Test suite using Darcs. Let's assume that the test is made of a script, a parameter file testcase.gfs, and a GTS object testcase.gts. In the test directory, you should

  • Create a directory which has the name of your test (note that the directory name should not contain underscores '_'),
  • Update template.tex in order to include your tex file displaying the results of your test.
  • The test can be run from the test directory using the command
% python testcase

Then you can record it:

  • Using darcs add the directory and the necessary files to the Gerris darcs repository,
% darcs add test/testcase
% darcs add test/testcase/
% darcs add test/testcase/testcase.gfs
% darcs add test/testcase/testcase.gts
  • then records all those changes in a patch,
% darcs record
  • and finally, send the patch to Stephane.
% darcs send

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