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A GfsVariableTracerVOF defines a volume-fraction field advected using the geometrical Volume-Of-Fluid technique.

The syntax in parameter files is:

[ GfsVariableTracer ]

Whenever a new GfsVariableTracerVOF is created called T for example, four additional variables (three in 2D) are automatically created:

the x-component of the normal to the interface,
the y-component of the normal to the interface,
the z-component of the normal to the interface (3D only),
the value such that the normalised equation of the interface in a given cell is given by T_x*x + T_y*y + T_z*z = T_alpha.

The interfacial area (length in 2D) per unit volume (area in 2D) can be computed within a GfsFunction using the predefined area() function. For example

GfsOutputScalarSum { istep = 1 } area { v = area("T") }

with "T" the name of a GfsVariableTracerVOF will compute the time evolution of the total interface area (length in 2D).


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