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GfsSourceCulvert approximates the effect of flow through a culvert within a GfsRiver simulation. The relationship between water levels, elevations, culvert characteristics and flow rate is based on the paper by Boyd, 1987.

The syntax in parameter files is

[ GfsSourcePipe ] { type = box B = 1 entrance = 1 n = 0.011 ke = 0 }

where the parameters are set to their default values. The parameters are

either box or pipe (for a circular culvert). The box height or pipe diameter are given by the DIAMETER parameter of the parent GfsSourcePipe.
for box culverts only, the box width.
entrance type following Boyd, 1987. Entrance type 1 is Wingwall Flare 30° to 75°, Entrance type 2 is Wingwall Flare 90° and 15°, Entrance type 3 is Wingwall Flare 0°.
Manning friction coefficient. The default is for concrete (when using SI units).
entrance loss coefficient.

See also


M. J. Boyd - Generalised head-discharge equations for culverts

Proceedings of the fourth national local government engineering conference pp. 161-165, Perth, August, 1987

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