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GfsSolid is used to define solid boundaries. By default the boundary conditions are no-slip for velocity and zero normal gradient for tracers (use GfsSurfaceBc to change this).

The syntax in parameter files is:

GfsSolid [ GfsSurface ]

If GfsSurface is defined implicitly, by convention the fluid domain is the locus of points for which the implicit function takes positive values.

Note that in order to use a full C function (in contrast to a C expression) as surface definition, the function definition must be "protected" with straight brackets for example this:

Solid {
  double r = 0.0625;
  return x*x + y*y - r*r; 

will not work but this will:

Solid ({
  double r = 0.0625;
  return x*x + y*y - r*r; 


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