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For each candidate cell, GfsRefineDistance computes the distance from the cell center to the given surface, stores it in a new variable Distance, and makes it available to the user-defined function which computes the maximum level of refinement allowed.

The syntax in parameter files is

 [ GfsRefineSurface ]

Unlike GfsRefineSurface, GfsRefineDistance only works if the surface is given by a GTS file, not implicitly as a level-set.

Example: (from an input file posted to Gfs-users mailing list)

 RefineDistance (6*pow(Distance + 1, -12)+4) ../clarky.gts {tx = -0.145 ty = 0.0259056926297 tz = 0 rx = 0 ry = 0 rz = -7.19 sx = 0.3 sy = 0.3 sz = 0.3}
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