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A GfsParticulate is a Lagrangian particle with a mass and a volume. It can also have an initial velocity and/or force. The object is derived from GfsParticle and similarly is to be used as a particle type when defining a list of Lagrangian particle (GfsParticleList).

The syntax as part of the GfsParticleList syntax is:

GfsParticleList ... GfsParticulate { Id X Y Z MASS VOLUME Vx Vy Vz Fx Fy Fz } ...


  • Id is the id number of the particle
  • X, Y and Z are its initial position
  • MASS is its mass
  • VOLUME its volume
  • Vx, Vz and Vz its initial velocity
  • Fx, Fy and Fz the initial forces it experiences

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