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GfsParticleList in the particulates module is used to define a list of discrete point-particles that drift in or move through the flow.

The syntax in parameter depends on the type of discrete point-particles and is either:

[ GfsEvent ] GfsParticle {  
  1 X1 Y1 Z1
  2 X2 Y2 Z2
} {}


[ GfsEvent ] GfsParticulate {  
  1 X1 Y1 Z1 M1 Vol1 U1 V1 W1 Fx1 Fy1 Fz1
  2 X2 Y2 Z2 M2 Vol2 U2 V2 W2 Fx2 Fy2 Fz2
} { 
 [ GfsForceDrag ] 
 [ GfsForceLift ] 
 [ GfsForceBuoy ]

In either case Xi, Yi, and Zi are the initial coordinates of the i-th particle and the GfsEvent timing parameters of the GfsParticleList control the discretization of the motion; the latter will generally include setting istep = 1 so that the particles move in time with the fluid.

If (as a GfsEvent), the GfsParticleList is named, e.g.

 GfsParticleList *LP ...

the status of the particles in list can be saved to FILE; e.g.

 GfsOutputObject { istep = 1 } FILE LP

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