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The GfsParticleList is used in the particulates module to define a list of discrete point-particles that drift with the flow.

The syntax in parameter is:

[ GfsEvent ] GfsParticle {  
  1 X1 Y1 Z1
  2 X2 Y2 Z2
} {}

where Xi, Yi, and Zi are the initial coordinates of the i-th particle.

The step or istep GfsEvent parameters of the GfsParticleList control the discretization of the motion.

For discrete masses with inertia and subject to forces, replace GfsParticle with GfsParticulate, for which the syntax is:

[ GfsEvent ] GfsParticulate { 
   1 X1 Y1 Z1 MASS1 VOLUME1 Vx1 Vy1 Vz1 Fx1 Fy1 Fz1 
   2 X2 Y2 Z2 MASS2 VOLUME2 Vx2 Vy2 Vz2 Fx2 Fy2 Fz2 

} {

 [ GfsForceDrag ] 
 [ GfsForceLift ] 
 [ GfsForceBuoy ]


If (as a GfsEvent), the GfsParticleList is named, e.g.

 GfsParticleList *LP ...

the status of the particles in list LP can be saved to FILE with GfsOutputObject; e.g.

 GfsOutputObject { istep = 1 } FILE LP

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