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A GfsParticle is the basic inert Lagrangian particle of the type that constitutes a GfsParticleList; each is characterised by an ID number (an unsigned integer) and an initial (X, Y, Z) position.

Although GfsParticle is derived from GfsEvent, it inherits neither its read nor write methods, so timing (start, end ...) is not specified individually but only for whole GfsParticleLists; thus the syntax in parameter files is:

GfsParticleList *LIST { 
   start = 0.1 istart = 10 ( step = 1.2 | istep = 10 ) end = 0.4 iend = 123 
} GfsParticle { 
 ID0 X0 Y0 Z0
 ID1 X1 Y1 Z1

} ...

Here the syntax of the optional name LIST and the timing parameters as for the GfsEvent that GfsParticleList is derived from. The (here elided) end of the line describes the GfsParticleForces.

Particles with more properties can be created using the GfsParticulate subclass.

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