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A GfsParticle is basically an inert Lagrangian particle. It can be used as a particle type to define a list of Lagrangian particles (GfsParticleList). Each GfsParticle is characterised by its id number (interger) and position (X,Y,Z).

The syntax within the GfsParticleList syntax is

GfsParticleList ... GfsParticle { Id X Y Z } ...

where Id is the id number and X, Y and Z are the initial coordinates of the GfsParticle.

Non-inert particles can be created using GfsParticulate.

The GfsParticle particle object is derived from GfsEvent but does not inherit of its read/write method i.e. timing (start, end ...) cannot be specified directly for a GfsParticle but has to be specify for the whole GfsParticleList.

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