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GfsOutputSectionFlux computes and writes the instantaneous fluxes due to advection and diffusion of all permanent tracers through a set of given planar slices perpendicular to any axis of the coordinate system. The first time GfsOutputSectionFlux is called it writes a comment describing the fields being written. The fluxes are computed interpolating at the given slice position the values of the fluxes at the faces of the cell crossed by the slice.

The syntax in simulation files is as follows:

GfsOutput X

where X is the point where the planar slice is located.

The points where the slices are located can be gathered, as in OutputLocation, in the following manner:

GfsOutput FILE

where FILE is the name of a text file containing the space-separated position of the set of planar slices.


GfsOutput { X1 X2 ... XN }

where Xi are the positions of the planar slices.

An optional parameter block can also be appended to the syntax above, for example:

GfsOutput {X1 X2 ... XN} {

 direction = x
 precision = %g



direction: Axis direction toward which the normal of the slice is oriented. If the direction is not specified the slices will be oriented by default in the x direction being the slices, following with the example, at x=X1, x=X2, ..., x=XN. If the sections are wanted in the y or z direction it has to be specified ( direction = y or direction = z).

precision: The C-format used to output the text-formatted values of variables (default is %g),precision is optional by default is %g.

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