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This outputs the value of a function at the interface between two fluids in a VOF calculation. I takes into account that the simulation may have been rotated so that the mass is sliding along a horizontal plane rather than down a slope. It also translates the domain from metres to longitude and latitude rotated alpha degrees from N. The assumption is that the original slide is heading in the positive x direction. It seems that the assumption is made that T=1 is the water and T=0 the air.

The function is called in the following way:

GfsOutputInterfaceGrid { start = end } interface.cgd T {
theta = 26.5 
x = 170 
y = -40 
alpha = 45 
sx = 1 
sy = 1 
sz = 1 
} Dist0

T is the variable of the VOF fluid you are interested in

theta is the angle of the slope (This is assuming that the entire simulation is rotated by -theta so that the solid mass moves along a horizontal plane)

(x,y) are the longitude and latitude of the origin of the simulation

alpha is the orientation of the slide plan with respect to the north (No actually - this seems to be with respect to South measuring clockwise at the moment)

sx, sy, sz scaling factors for the longitude direction, latitude direction and amplitude respectively.

interface.cgd is the name of the file

Dist0 is the variable that is being outputted

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