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GfsInitSubmarineLandslide initialises three fields with the vertical displacement, and velocity components predicted by empirical formula. The object is adapted from the TOPICS software developped by Dr. P. Watts. The sources are that used in the version 1.2 of TOPICS, last modified in August 2009 by Dr. P. Watts.

[ GfsInit ] D {
  x = 174.8  y = -41.46 alpha = 310
  depth = 250.0 theta = 11.31
  length = 1500 width = 1500
  thickness = 200.0 volume = 400000000
  gamma = 2.0

where D is the root name of the variables to be initialised. The initial surface elevation will be stored in D and the u and v components of the initial velocity will be stored in D_U and D_V. The other parameters are :

x, y
coordinates of the fault's centroid,
counterclockwise angle of the failure plane with respect to the north.
initial depth of the centroid of the slide in meters.
mean slope along failure plane in degrees.
initial length of the slide in meters.
initial width of the slide in meters.
initial thickness of the slide in meters.
initial volume of the slide in cubic meters.
initial specific density of the slide.
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