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GfsDropletToParticle in GModule particulates converts small detached regions of positive GfsVariable (usually a GfsVariableTracerVOF, so that the regions correspond to "droplets") into discrete point-particles with their own equations of motion, adding them to a GfsParticleList.

The syntax in parameter files is:

 [ GfsParticleList ] T { min = 20 reset = 0. density = 1. }

Note that the bracket following the type of particle (GfsParticle or GfsParticulate) in the GfsParticleList syntax can be empty here since it is GfsDropletToParticle itself that will populate the list dynamically.

The T is the GfsVariable from which the droplets will condense.

The last bracket contains the conversion parameters. A region of the tracer variable smaller than min cells will be reset to the specified value and converted to a particle with the specified density.

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