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The meeting will be held at Paramount Cinema (Brooks), 25 Courtenay Place, Wellington, 6 June 2012 just before the Physical Oceanography Workshop held on the 7-8 June 2012.

Pre-registered participants

Please add yourself to the list below if you intend to come. You can use the 'meeting' login, password 'meeting' to edit this page.

  • Sébastien Delaux, MetOcean Solutions Ltd
  • Tim Divett, NIWA and OPG, Otago - Optimal packing of tidal stream turbines in oscillating channels to optimise energy extraction: methods.
  • Richard Gorman, NIWA
  • Emily Lane, NIWA - Modelling Submarine Landslide Generated Tsunamis
  • Geordie McBain
  • Stuart Moore, NIWA
  • Joanne O'Callaghan, NIWA
  • Stéphane Popinet, NIWA - Toward adaptive climate modelling
  • Mike Revell, NIWA - Estimating design winds in rugged terrain: A comparison with observations of CFD, wind tunnel and loadings code methods
  • Graham Rickard, NIWA

Previous meetings

Gerris users' meeting 2011

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