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The meeting will be held at Université Pierre et Marie Curie, Paris, 4-5 July 2011.

Please register in one of the two categories below depending on whether you intend to give a talk.

The talks will be informal, of around 20 minutes (depending on the number of speakers), so feel free to talk about anything Gerris-related you are interested in: applications of Gerris to specific problems, code development etc...


  • Timothy Keen, U.S. Naval Research Lab. Applying Gerris to mixing and sedimentation in estuaries.
  • José M. López-Herrera. Universidad de Sevilla. Using Gerris to solve ElectroHydroDynamics Problems.
  • Stéphane Zaleski CNRS/UPMC, Institut d'Alembert. What is the liquid jet atomization problem? Will Gerris help us solve it?


  • Christophe Josserand, UPMC, Institut D'Alembert
  • Olivier Kimmoun, Institut de Recherche sur les Phénomènes Hors Equilibre, Marseille
  • Ferren MacIntyre (retired, ex-SIO La Jolla) Campagne sur Aude; bubble hydrodynamics with surface chemistry, but absolute novice with Gerris.
  • Franck Pigeonneau, Surface du Verre et Interfaces UMR 125 CNRS/Saint-Gobain, Aubervilliers.
  • Yuriko Renardy, Virginia Tech.
  • Michael Renardy, Virginia Tech
  • Maurice Rossi, UPMC, Institut D'Alembert
  • Lydie Staron, UPMC, Institut D'Alembert
  • Sylvain Viroulet, Institut de Recherche sur les Phénomènes Hors Equilibre, Marseille
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