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This course material is about Gerris, a general-purpose fluid mechanics code developped by Stephane Popinet at NIWA, Wellington, New Zealand. Gerris is a free, GPL-licensed, open source code available at [] .

The intended audience is typical first-year science or engineering graduate students with either very little experience of C or with some Fortran knowledge, but willing to work hard and learn. The student should know simple C data types, pointers and functions but not structures.

Three sessions have been taught in October-November 2007 in Paris. The following Sessions will be taught in January 2008. In the actual course a lot of talking is done in addition to the material here. Each session is 30 minutes + 15 minutes of questions.

  1. Introduction to Gerris Programming
  2. The Fully Threaded Tree
  3. The Fluid Domain
  4. Programming the Advection Scheme
  5. The Gerris Object System
  6. An Example of Use of the Gerris Object System
  7. GfsView
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