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This course material is about Gerris, a general-purpose fluid mechanics code developped by Stephane Popinet at NIWA, Wellington, New Zealand. Gerris is a free, GPL-licensed, open source code available at [] .

The intended audience is typical first-year science or engineering graduate students with either very little experience of C or with some Fortran knowledge, but willing to work hard and learn. The student should know simple C data types, pointers and functions but not structures.

The first three sessions have been taught in October-November 2007 in Paris. The following Sessions will be taught in January 2008. In the actual course a lot of talking is done in addition to the material here. Each session is 30 minutes + 15 minutes of questions.

Session 1 Introduction to Structures in C and to the Gerris Object system

Session 2 An example of use of the gerris object system

Session 3 Advection Part I

Session 4 The Fully Threaded Tree

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