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  • Improved variable-density solver (especially for large density ratios) (09/07 S. Popinet)
  • Concatenation of parallel files for visualisation with GfsView (10/07 D. Fuster)
  • Units in parameter files (07/08 S. Popinet)
  • Axisymmetric version (09/08 S. Popinet)
  • Export to 3D format (OBJ etc...) (10/08 S. Popinet)
  • Moving solid boundaries (07/09 S. Delaux)
  • Improved parallel version (overlapping computations and communications) (07/09 S. Popinet)
  • [GfsView] Visualize different boxes when they are not connected (for parallel simulations) (07/09 S. Popinet)
  • Non-linear Saint-Venant solver (05/09 S. Popinet)
  • Parallel load-balancing (07/09 S. Popinet)
  • [GfsView] Parallel OpenGL rendering (completed in batch mode, 07/10 S. Popinet)
  • Dirichlet conditions for Poisson solver (10/09 S. Popinet)
  • [GfsView] Color scale (11/01 S. Popinet)
  • Being able to define "spatially-constant variables" in parameter files (11/02 S. Popinet)
  • Anisotropic Poisson/diffusion solver (11/10 S. Delaux, S. Popinet)
  • Greyscale color shading (12/02 S. Popinet)
  • Diagnostic for compatibility condition for Poisson equation (12/02 S. Popinet)
  • Axisymmetric solver with swirl (12/03 J.M. L√≥pez-Herrera and S. Popinet)

In progress

  • 3D ocean model (S. Popinet, S. Delaux, G. Rickard)
  • Implementation and tests of LES models (0, 1- and 2- equations) and associated boundary conditions (log layer etc...) (M. Revell, D. Fuster)
  • Gerris Flow Solver Programming Course for Dummies (S. Zaleski)
  • Momentum-conserving variable-density formulation (D. Fuster, S. Popinet)
  • General orthogonal coordinates (e.g. for spherical mapping in geophysics) (S. Popinet, S. Delaux, G. Rickard)
  • Fluid-structure interaction (S. Popinet)
  • Editing of parameter files within GfsView (with integrated object documentation etc...) (S. Popinet)


  • Define new variables like Vorticity, evaluate only on the solid boundaries and output to a file
  • All solids should be given a unique flag which should follow to the cut cells, so that forces can be calculated for several solids
  • Implicit treatment of Robin conditions
  • Stability of Crank-Nicholson viscous discretisation
  • Direct import of xyz flat files (i.e. remove the need to convert to GTS first)
  • Macro support when restarting from binary save files
  • Multiple moving bodies
  • Improve predictor-corrector timestepping for the GfsRiver solver
  • Free-surface flows
  • Sub-cycled timestepping for Saint-Venant solver
  • Changelog in update manager
  • GfsRiver: implement Saint-Venant equations with an adjustable shape factor
  • VariableDistanceSolid returning the smallest distance to a GfsSolid
  • On-disk "time slices" for CGD files
  • Objects in modules do not seem to appear in examples (e.g. GfsInitOkada)
  • Per-example bibliography in examples and test suite


  • View particles
  • Colored streamlines, streamribbons
  • Small xyz reference axis on some corner
  • Transparency, line thickness, line style
  • Labels on isolines
  • Loading different simulation files simultaneously
  • "Continuous" isosurfaces
  • Import SVG, Xfig etc... as surfaces
  • Check compatibility of GfsView and Gerris versions at runtime
  • Port code to GtkBuilder
  • Save window size in .gfv files (for use in batch mode)


  • An introduction to development in gerris for advanced programmers.
  • Update and "wikification" of tutorial.
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