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  • In section "FTT_OPPOSITE_DIRECTION(direction)": I am not sure the example is clear.
  • "private parts" as another meaning in English...: you should mention that it is not socially acceptable (in most circumstances) to touch someone else's "private parts"...
  • I would say: "ftt.h provides the interfaces for a number of public functions, etc.."
  • Maybe you should point out that the "data" member in FttCell is used so that the logical structure of the quadtree is entirely abstracted from it use in Gerris i.e. the FTT implementation could be used as is for an entirely different application requiring an octree.

--Popinet 17:53, 21 November 2007 (PST)

New version

I think I implemented all the remarks. I still have some pedagogic difficulties with the public and private distinction. I did describe it in Introduction to Gerris Programming#Public and Private parts and there is more about it in Introduction to Gerris Programming#Types and "typedef" . Indeed in an ideal world you would not need to look at the source code where these private parts are operated on etc... However in the way I am working now (again, this is pedagogy) I definitely need to look at the way they are used in source code especially when a description is missing in the Reference Manual. Even with the description, a reader-friendly description of a function would involve not only a definition of what it does but also some examples of use. But when you plunge into the code, if you do not understand the other functions around the function you want to illustrate, then you are in trouble, and seeing how a function is implemented helps you to be sure that you know what it does. Zaleski 05:22, 11 December 2007 (PST)

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