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GfsOutputSimulation will write a description of the current state of the simulation which contains both standard simulation parameters, layout of the cell hierarchy and associated variable values.

The syntax in parameter files is:

[ GfsOutput ] {
  depth = 5 
  variables = U,V,C 
  binary = 1 
  solid = 0 
  format = text
  precision = %.8f


an optional parameter setting the maximum depth which will be considered (the default is infinity).
a comma-separated list of the names of the variables which will be written. The default is all the simulation permanent variables.
an optional parameter specifying if a binary format should be used. Binary files allow faster reading of simulation files and are the default. Setting binary to 0 will use a more portable ASCII format.
an optional parameter specifying if the surface describing solid boundaries should be included in the simulation file. The default is to include the solid surface.
an optional parameter specifying which file format to use:
    • gfs: the standard Gerris format. This is the default.
    • text: an ASCII file containing only cell coordinates and variable values. The first line of the text-formatted file contains a description of the different fields (column by column).
    • VTK: the VTK file format.
    • Tecplot: the Tecplot file format.
an optional C formatting string used to convert floating-point numbers to their ASCII representation (only relevant for ASCII file formats). The default is %g.


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