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GfsOutputScalar is a generic object for output of scalar fields.

The syntax in parameter files is:

[ GfsOutput ] {
  v = [ GfsFunction ]
  maxlevel = 6
  min = -12.1
  max = 1e3
  condition = [ GfsFunction ]
  w = [ GfsFunction ]
  format = "%10.3e"

where v is a function defining the value of the scalar field, maxlevel is the maximum tree level to consider (default is all levels), min is the minimum value of the scalar field (default is set automatically), max is the maximum value of the scalar field (default is set automatically).

if condition is set, only the cells verifying the given condition (i.e. the GfsFunction returns a value different from zero) are traversed. Note that for a cell to be traversed, the condition needs to be verified by the cell and by all of its parents in the quad/octree hierarchy.

w is the cell weighting used to compute some integral properties. The default is the volume of the cell.

format can be used to change the string formatting used to write the ascii representation of floating-point numbers. This is typically used to control the number of significant digits written in the output file. The syntax of the format string follows the conventions for the C printf() function.

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