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Ideas for chapters

  • chaos par doublement de periode: allee de Von Karman
    • stabilite lineaire: solution de base de Jerome
    • bifurcations
  • autosimilarite: pincement de Plateau--Rayleigh
  • turbulence 2D: vortex merging, random vorticity, turbulence cascades
  • non-newtonian rheology: granular materials, blood circulation
  • ondes de gravite, chocs: Saint-Venant, tsunamis, analogie avec Euler compressible
  • liquid rope: Stokes flows, fluids as solids, flambement
  • shallow-water on a rotating spere: ondes de Rossby, atmospheric modes
  • jets in bubbles: tension de surface
  • retraction of a liquid sheet
  • fluid-structure interaction: peristaltic pump, links with biomechanics etc...

Random thoughts

  • experimental pictures
  • fluids are everywhere
  • strong link between physical and numerical experiments
  • pick (cool) examples which illustrate key concepts from physics
  • need to find a good storyline linking each example in a consistent overall narrative i.e. this is a book not a set of disconnected "web pages"
  • need to be fun but also make the reader work ("les mains a la pate")
  • this is one of the key point: a science book which comes with everyting required to setup and run the experiments
  • this is also related to reusing concepts introduced early in the book in latter chapters: progression simple -> complex
  • keep the Gerris interactive part as simple as possible (GUI? robustness? portability? windows/mac, web app?)
  • Seek Marsden funding?
  • UPMC funding? (link with IDA-NIWA agrrement)

Typical layout of a chapter

  1. intro: the question/problem etc...
  2. historical perspective
  3. experimental results/cool pictures
  4. numerical experiment setup
  5. hypothesis (simple)
  6. testing it with the numerical experiment
  7. hypothesis (refined)
  8. testing the refined version of the theory
  9. openings: what is not so well understood yet, what isn't understood at all
  10. introduction to further reading
  11. references

Overall contents

  1. intro
  2. how to use the book: shortest as possible intro to using Gerris for the numerical experiments
  3. 10 chapters, 15 (not dense) pages each
  4. conclusion!
  5. < 150 pages

Maybe write more than 10 chapters and select the 10 best ones...

Must it follow a teaching book? (students = future users)

Models to follow? (Hulin "Hydrodynamics"

Could involve many authors (i.e. one or more for each chapter) but ultimately each chapter should be rewritten by a few (one?) author to give a very consistent "book" feel (style etc...). We don't want one of these multi-authors "proceedings" book. Need to agree on this from the outset (chapter authors still need to feel "ownership" of their chapters even though it's largely rewritten in the end).


  • PDF can include movies, scripts, web links, 3D models, sound etc... exploiting this we could have a portable multimedia book (but still printable).
  • See Guardian article by Marcus du Sautoy
  • Include lots of supporting material (web links) for the more technical aspects (e.g. scripting, Gerris stuff etc...)
  • free PDF
  • proper paper version + proper publisher
  • test the draft book on colleagues and students
  • test on e-books
  • may need somebody who masters web applications etc...
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