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8.2  PASS: Bénard–von Kármán vortex street behind a cylinder translating in a fluid at rest

Sébastien Delaux
Required files
strouhal.gfs (view) (download) strouhal.gfv strouhal.ref moving.ref static.ref
Running time
26 minutes 43 seconds

An example of 2D viscous flow around a simple solid boundary. A solid cylinder is impulsively started at the right of a channel bounded by solid walls with a slip boundary condition.

Adaptive refinement is used based on the vorticity.

After an initial growth phase, a classical Bénard–von Kárman vortex street is formed.

Figure 73: Vorticity field.

Figure 74: Evolution of the drag and lift coefficients for a Reynolds number of 400.

Figure 75: Strouhal number versus Reynolds number. Comparison between static (reference) and moving problem.

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